Volusia & Flagler County Lawn Care

Similar to the inside of your house, your landscaping requires weekly, monthly, and even yearly maintenance.  Healthy, lush turf is a direct result of a good balance of mowing at the correct frequency and height with sharp blades, irrigating correctly, and treating the turf as necessary chemically. And it doesn’t end with your lawn. Plants, trees, and palms require shaping, seasonal pruning, and fertilization treatments. Unfortunately, as we all know, weeds in your planting beds can be a headache, and no, there is not a one time cure all.  Weeds require constant treatment and/or pulling.  And have you ever noticed your house, driveway, and sidewalks start to turn black a couple times a year?

Seems overwhelming, huh? Well let us help you tackle these tasks by calling us as needed or even scheduling these items throughout the year so you can enjoy the A/C or spend more time with your family by the pool.  Busy blazing a trail on your career path?  What could you accomplish with a couple more hours a day?  Spend your valuable time pulling in your next big client instead your next big weed.  Your landscape is a valuable investment.  By maintaining and enhancing your investment, you receive greater value while also creating a pleasing environment.

We are your one solution for all your landscape maintenance needs including:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Weeding
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups
  • Mulch Installation
  • Irrigation Inspections
  • Lawn & Shrub Care
  • Palm Trimming
  • Tree Trimming
  • Pressure Washing

Ground Maintenance

We begin your service by picking up any lawn debris that may interfere with our service or our end product.  The debris is then placed curbside or hauled away per your request.  The crew will begin mowing your lawn with an appropriate sized mower equipped with freshly sharpened blades.  Any turf areas that are not assessable by a mower will be trimmed with a string trimmer.  We will then re define all of your concrete and bed edges with a hard bladed edger. Finally, we blow off your clippings while checking to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Want a worry free free yard? Let us maintain your plants, shrubs, and even weeds in your planter beds.  We provide two options for plant & shrub maintenance:

Option A: We will trim your shrubbery occasionally per your request or by a setting a frequency at an hourly rate including hauling away all of the debris.  Choose this option if you are budget conscious.

Option B: All your shrubbery will be maintained as needed to keep a continuously groomed and maintained look.  Choose this option if want your plant material looking great at all times.


  • Pristine 52 services/year: Weekly all year –  This frequency allows us to work on extra items during the winter months.  For example seasonal pruning, leaves, etc.  This also can be helpful for commercial clients who have a lot of trash.
  • Best Value 41 services/year: Weekly during summer months/Every other week during the winter months – This is the healthiest frequency for most Florida turfs.
  • Lowest Cost 26 services/year: Every other week – This is our minimum amount of services required

We do not do contracts, so your frequency can be changed at any time. During the coldest months, we do allow our clients to skip services if a service is not needed.  You will not be charged for a service we do not perform.  All we ask is that you give us notice, and not skip a service after our crew has already arrived.


Residential:  At the beginning of our relationship,  Kathy or Jenna will call you to collect your credit card information.  No worries, after we enter your credit card numbers, no one, not even the owner, can see your information ever again.  We participate in and are regulated by PCI compliance to ensure the safety of your credit card information.  Our software will only show the last four numbers.  If you still don’t feel comfortable, one solution would be to purchase a prepaid card from any local convenience store, load an amount on it, and we will charge this instead of a personal credit card.

After each service is completed, your credit card is automatically charged, and our software will immediately email you a receipt.

Commercial:  Our commercial clients have two payment options.  You can can pay using the same method as our residential clients, or pay an even monthly payment at the end of the month.  Invoices for work performed will be submitted at the beginning of each month with a 30 day pay period.

Landscape Enhancements

Mulch Replacement

Immediately dress your property up by refreshing your landscape beds with a fresh layer of mulch.  Mulch not only makes your property look more attractive and neat, but it also serves a purpose to the health of your plant material.  It helps retain soil moisture and blocks sunlight deterring weeds.  We recommend a minimum of 3” in depth.

Mulch’s color usually fades after about 9 months especially when in the sun.  After about 12 months you will notice it beginning to get thinner because over time the mulch begins to break down.  We usually recommend refreshing your mulch at least every 12 months, but to maintain great color you may have to refresh every 9 months.  The good news is when you do maintain your mulch at these frequencies you won’t require as much mulch as your first application, saving you money.

Landscape Replacement

Like people, plant life also have a life expectancy.  Over time you may notice single plants or sections of plants will begin to look “woody” or even dead.  To repair these areas, the plant(s) may need to be replaced.  We not only have the capability of renovating your entire landscaping, we can also can replace single plants or even sections of plant material.  Visit the page in our website that explains all of our landscaping services by clicking here.

Tree Care Services

Palm Trimming

The healthiest way to trim your palm tree is by only removing dead material, seed pods, and loose boots.  For most palm trees this requires a trimming 2-3 times per year.  If your budget doesn’t allow for this you will most likely require a trimming once per year for most palm trees.  To achieve this we will be required to remove not only the dead material, but some green material also.  We do not recommend “hurricane cuts” (leaving 1-2 fronds).  The thought of trimming your palm like this to make it less wind resistant is a myth. Palm trees are naturally built for high wind conditions.  Why do we recommend not removing green or living material?  The green fronds (even the older fronds) aid in building the girth of the palm tree.  This results in a stronger trunk, which is really what you will want during a hurricane.  Weaker trunks can actually snap in high winds.

Tree Trimming

Pruning a tree not only affects the overall look of tree but is very important to its health.  Trees usually need to be pruned every 3-5 years. When pruning a tree, low hanging limbs are first removed to prevent damage to pedestrians, vehicles, and property.  This also will prevent damage to the tree from these same named items.  Limbs touching your house or building can also allow easier access for pests.   Then we focus on removing dead material and any unhealthy limbs.  This will allow for better sun and air penetration.  Thinning out the trees in this way also prevents damage to your tree by allowing high winds to pass through easier, which will lower your chances of damage to property.  If for any reason damage does occur, insurance companies would like to see that you have been proactive in the maintenance of your trees.

Happy Customers
Patti H.
We were very pleased with Leafy Landscapes and would highly recommend. Rob came out to see us the next day after our inquiry and spent a lot of time with us. He is very detail oriented and explained everything thoroughly.
Tracy A.
Very happy with the workmanship and customer service. I liked their work so much that I also hired them to cut and maintain my yard twice a month. Very reasonable price.
Peter S
They removed several trees and palmettos from a lot in Deltona. The crew was easy to work with and they did a great job.
Erik G
They came out super-fast, the ladies in the office were great. We will be using them for our regular lawn care!
Chris R
Signed us up and within one day they started service on our yard. They tamed the jungle that was the front and back yards on our newly-purchased home and we've hired them for on-going service.
Sheila Z
Leafy Landscape installed 1,212 square feet of sod and are currently providing lawn maintenance for my residential property. The company owner Rob and his staff are very knowledgeable and thorough with their lawn care job quote and follow-up. Great communication and work ethic.
Maryellen H.
From start to finish the company was very professional; the Workman were very knowledgeable of the plants we were working with on the project. It made a big project fun.
Lisa D
The communication is excellent, and the quality of work is superior. I would definitely recommend them. They called me back immediately when just about every other company did not. Our yard was a mess and they transformed it.
Mark H
Rob is extremely understanding and knowledgeable!! Our yard went from scruffy looking to immaculate in a matter of two hours! THANK YOU GUYS for an awesome job!
Paul S
They are very helpful with advice to get our lawn in the best shape. Before them, it was in bad condition, it was almost cut to death! They are very pleasant and easy to work along with you and your lawn. Two months later, our lawn is thick and on a great road to being healthy through any kind of weather. We highly recommend them for any lawn and condition and or project. They are great team and an excellent company. The lawn crews are very pleasant and do a beautiful job too!
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