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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services for Residential Properties in Holly Hill, FL

Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, leaf removal, landscape design, outdoor lighting, and more.

Holly Hill, FL, is a city in Volusia County with just over 13,000 people living there. Located along the East Coast, it's near stunning beaches where you can sunbathe and swim in the ocean, including Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach. You can also spend time outside at Sunrise Park and drink handcrafted spirits at Copper Bottom Craft Distillery.

At Leafy Landscapes, we offer professional lawn and landscaping services to residential property owners in Holly Hill, FL. Our team will care for and maintain your lawn through fertilization, weed control, and leaf removal, plus revitalize your landscape via outdoor lighting, landscape design, and more.

Enjoy Healthy, Well-Kept Grass With Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

A house in Holly Hilly, FL, with a green lawn.

Our team will help ensure your grass stays healthy and well-kept throughout the year with our lawn care and maintenance services! We'll fertilize your lawn six times a year to provide consistent nutrients and apply weed control treatments to target chickweed, crabgrass, spurge, and other common weeds in Holly Hill, FL. We also offer insect and disease control applications to protect it from damage-causing infestations and infections. Additionally, our aeration service is available in the spring and fall, and it involves us passing over your lawn twice with an aerator to loosen compacted soil and help nutrients and resources reach its roots more easily.

Not only will we care for your turf, but we'll maintain it, too! For example, we'll regularly mow, string-trim, edge, and blow debris off hard surfaces to keep your lawn neat and manicured. We also handle leaf removal and yard cleanups to spruce up your property's appearance! Our lawn care and maintenance services are as follows:

Our Landscaping Services Include Annual Flowers, Outdoor Lighting, Sod Installation & More

A landscape in Holly Hill, FL, with plants and mulch.

If you want to ensure your landscape in Holly Hill, FL, makes a positive impression on passersby, then our landscaping services are just what you need! We'll create a 2D or 3D design rendering of your next project so you can see it finished before installation begins. Our crew will also enhance your landscape beds to give them a pristine, eye-catching appeal, add pops of color through annual flowers, and illuminate your outdoor living space with low-voltage LED landscape lighting. Not only that, but we even help keep your hardscapes in great shape through cleaning, sealing, and repairs.

Whether you want us to install sod to establish your new lawn instantly, nourish and care for your trees and shrubs, repair issues with your irrigation system, or clean your gutters - we've got you covered. We'll do all this and more with the following landscaping services:

We install Christmas lighting to make your home in Holly Hill, FL, festive for the holiday season!

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Our crew at Leafy Landscapes proudly provides lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services for residential properties in Holly Hill, FL. With us, you can trust that we have the expertise, resources, and know-how to perform our services right and give you nothing less than the best results. Call us at (386) 492-8862 to sign up for our services today!