Your perennials are probably one of your greatest assets as a home owner. Their endless beauty, amazing colors, tantalizing scents, contrasts, shade, and value are privileges all owners appreciate and try to preserve. If you love your perennials, their foliage, flowers, and flavors, if you want to keep them blossoming after they fade for the first time this summer, and keep them healthy and protected, we have some tips for you. Today, our lawn care Deland FL specialists are here to tell you how to look after your perennials and enjoy them fresh and strong all season long, making the best out of them.

  1. Pruning: if you didn’t prune your perennials yet (in spring), talk to your lawn care Deland FL pros on how to prune the dry tops of your perennial ornamentals and flowers to promote new growth and blossoms.
  2. Cutting dead flowers or flowery branches: make sure you cut faded, dead, or dry flowers (as close to their base as possible) and flowery branches on your perennial ornamentals and shrubs to promote new blossoms.
  3. Watering: perennials should be watered often – especially the ones you just cut to promote re-flowering – and early in the morning as well.
  4. Radical makeovers: your late spring and early summer perennials need a radical cut, especially after their first cycle of blooming. Clip back all the plants that now feature a scruffy look so they too can blossom and get green all over again.
  5. Tall perennials should be kept to a safe height – if they are too tall, some winds can turn them into a liability. Our lawn care Deland FL specialists recommend you stake all your tall perennials to stay safe against potential winds.
  6. Degree cutting: this is both an art and a science, and if you are not comfortable with it, you should call your lawn care Deland FL specialists to offer you some tips. Degree cutting means you should radically cut the back and center of a flowery shrub, while leaving the front to grow. This method promotes new stages of blossoming in phases, helping perennials to keep their flowers and foliage until late season.
  7. Perennials’ division: in case you have a flowery perennial shrub or ornamental and the center of the plant begins to fade, dry, or die of age, you should consider dividing the plant. If you are not skilled enough or you are afraid of making a mistake, ask your lawn care Deland FL experts to offer you their tips and advice.
  8. Vines and climbing plants’ maintenance: vines and climbing flowers can be compelled to blossom again throughout the season if you cut down the dry and faded flowers and their flowerless sprouts as close to their base as possible.
  9. Fertilization: as we all know, a fresh layer of mulch keeps your perennials moist, cool, and fertilized, thus allowing them to be more resilient and even bloom a second time if well taken care of.

Consult with your local lawn care Deland FL specialists if you want to keep your perennials fresh and healthy all summer long and enjoy their wondrous benefits for months.