As the temperatures heat up and the summer sun approaches, you might be thinking of outdoor entertaining and simply enjoying your property with friends and loved ones. However, that can difficult when the privacy you most want and need is lacking.

Thankfully, there are simple and affordable landscaping ideas that can not only improve privacy on your property but also create a customized oasis where you can enjoy to the max all the season has to offer. Here’s how to get started:

Explore Container Planting

Planting in containers has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only does this add versatility and timeless interest, larger containers can be strategically placed to create much-needed privacy.

In addition, large plants and trees make a big impact. In this way, you can maintain your solitude while at the same time creating a relaxing and peaceful retreat right in the comfort of your own property.

Container gardening can also be used to create privacy within your yard. Perhaps you seek a brief yet quiet getaway from the kids or a secluded deck dining area. By using natural elements in this way, you get the alone time you most desire while still being in eye and earshot of what’s going on around you.

Install a Focal Point

Many times, creating privacy is easy as concealing a certain area. This is accomplished by strategically placing large and/or bulky items that block the view but still provide aesthetic appeal. Popular options include fountains, trees, layered planting, outdoor draperies, and more. Some of these choices (such as fountains) have the added benefit of masking loud noise.

Choosing one of these options allows neighbors to benefit, as well. When your personal privacy is secured without compromising the visual appeal of the neighborhood, everyone is happy and agreeable.

Pick a Great Fence

There’s an old saying that “good fences make good neighbors.” While this may be true to an extent, installing an overly tall or gaudy fence can cause anger and resentment. Avoid this scenario by exploring the many fence options available.

For instance, solid privacy fences made from wood or vinyl provide a visual barrier and keep snooping children and pets at bay. Semi-private fences are another option. These slatted or latticed barriers retain personal space while still allowing a pleasant breeze and natural light to flow.

Many homeowners choose ‘double-duty’ options such as stone walls or garden structures. These hardscaping elements produce defined property lines while creating sleek and elegant ambiance. Another great option is to plant a privacy screen. Dense rows of flowers, trees, or shrubs provide a natural and effective division.

Get Expert Insight

Finding the perfect balance between privacy and style can be difficult. That’s why it’s wise to reach out to a skilled and qualified landscaping team who can help you find innovative property enhancement solutions that match your unique desires and requirements. Many times, you’ll gain insight and advice you hadn’t previously considered.

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