The holiday season is a time for celebration and joy. However, decorating your property in Florida can be stressful if you try to do it yourself. That's why hiring professionals to install custom-cut lights on your home is the best option! When you leave the installation of holiday lighting to the pros, you can expect them to design a display that fits your property perfectly. What's more, pros can add other decorations such as wreaths, inflatables, and garlands in addition to the lights to really make your property stand out during the holidays. And once the season ends, they will remove the lights from your property and store them safely until next year. Continue reading this blog to learn more about what to expect when you leave holiday lighting to the pros!

Pros can design a holiday lighting display for you and take care of the installation.

When designing a holiday lighting display, pros have the experience and expertise needed to ensure it looks its absolute best. After all, they have done countless installations over the years, so they know how to create an eye-catching display that fits your property perfectly. Pros will consult with you to determine the colors and types of lights that will work best for your property. Then, they'll put their knowledge and experience to good use to design a beautiful lighting scheme that will transform your outdoor space during the holiday season. Once the design is approved, they will get to work installing the lights, and they will make sure to use custom-cut lights that fit your property perfectly. Once they're finished, you can be sure that your new lighting display will look fantastic!

When looking for professionals to design your holiday lighting display, check to see if they are CLIPA (Christmas Light Installation Pros Association) certified!

Professionals can add additional decorations besides holiday lights.

In addition to installing holiday lights, pros can add additional decorations to help make your property stand out during the holiday season. Some common additions include:

  • Wreaths: Wreaths are circular frames made usually made of natural elements like flowers and berries. They can be decorated with anything from bows to glass beads to further enhance their beauty.
  • Inflatables: Inflatables are large, 3D decorations that can be placed in front of or near your home. Popular inflatable decorations include Santa Claus, snowmen, and Christmas trees.
  • Garlands: Garlands are strings of foilage that can be hung across doorways, around columns, or along fences to create a festive display.

Once the holiday season is over, pros will remove the lights and store them safely.

While enjoying the holiday spirit is important, one thing that isn't enjoyable is having to take down the lights after the season has ended. Fortunately, that's where pros come in! After the holiday season has ended, they will return to your property to remove the holiday lights from your property. Then, they'll store them safely until next year. This means you won't need to worry about taking them down and putting them away yourself.

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At Leafy Landscapes, we offer a professional holiday lighting service that includes designing a lighting display for you and installing custom-cut lights on your property. We can even install additional decorations for you if you would like! What's more, once the holiday season has ended, we will return to your property to take down your lights and we'll store them for you until next year!

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