Just as with any other mechanical system, it’s very important to inspect your irrigation system regularly. An irrigation inspection, or irrigation audit, will help you discover and avoid problems such as leaks or broken components that could cause damage to your landscape and/or raise your water bill during the winter months but especially as we approach Spring.

The best time to schedule your spring checkup is actually in late winter—January through early March. This is the best time to schedule a visit or do an audit yourself rather than later on when the spring rush hits and warmer and drier temperatures occur. Doing this now will ensure you’ll be all ready for spring knowing your irrigation system is up to the task.

Helpful Hint: Don’t skip your inspection just because the ideal time has already passed. We still have many months of watering ahead of us. The sooner you catch any issues the better!

What to Look For:

  • Broken heads
  • Water leaking from the base of the riser
  • Nozzles spraying unevenly
  • Sprinklers have not retracted after shutting off zone

Not Techy? Need Help?

Schedule Your Irrigation Inspection Today with Leafy @ (386) 492-8862.

If you haven’t had your irrigation system inspected yet this year, now’s the time! Get it done now to ensure a healthy lawn and landscape and reasonable water bills this growing season.

  • Service Call: $85.00 - First 30 minutes
  • Repairs: Any additional work (after the first 30 minutes) will be done at $78.00 per hour plus any required parts. The technician will give you an idea of repairs and parts if any are needed before any work is performed.