Summer is the season to protect your lawn and garden, fertilize it properly to fend off weeds and boost the vegetation’s foliage and flowers. In the spirit of organic, affordable, safe, and healthy lawn maintenance, today our lawn care Edgewater FL specialists are here to talk to you about Epsom Salt. This is an organic product used for decades as a bath salt and home remedy in both humans and animals in the last years; it was moved to the garden, being scientifically proven as a tremendously helpful soil amendment. Let’s see what Epsom Salt can do for your property with no effort at all!

The Makeup of Epsom Salt

The composition of Epsom Salt is rather simple: it represents hydrated magnesium sulfate. Used as fertilizer or crops’ booster, this organic mineral solves the magnesium and sulfur deficiencies in the soil. Granted, in North America there are few problems with sulfur deficiencies, as manure or compost contain plenty, but magnesium deficiencies are frequent, visible and now, easy to counter.

  • Magnesium: this is a critical mineral for human, animal and plant life; in the garden, magnesium helps germination and the production of chlorophyll; it also helps plants better absorb the nutrients in the soil and is responsible for plants to yield more blossoms, fruit, nuts, and foliage.
  • Sulfur: without sulfur, some of your vegetables and flowers wouldn’t have the scent and flavor they should.

5 Uses of Epsom Salt in the Lawn and Garden

Our lawn care Edgewater FL experts recommend you to use Epsom Salt the following ways:

  • Mix the salt with water and irrigate the newly planted turf seeds to promote their germination and resilience to heat.
  • Keep your turf green, thick, upright, with deep roots and strong blades all summer long by watering it with a mix of Epsom Salt and water; this trick will ensure that your green lawn doesn’t get all yellow or curled no matter how hot is outside; moreover, such a trick ensures that your turf won’t suffer from mechanical damage like stomping or lawn mower stress.
  • Turn your curled and yellow foliage into green and upright foliage by spraying it with a solution of Epsom Salt and water; if for no reason foliage gets yellow and curled it means it suffers from a magnesium deficiency; restore the looks of your foliage with the spray mentioned above and enjoy your green lush landscape all summer long.
  • Counter transplant shock: put a table spoon of Epsom Salt on the bottom of the hole where you want to transplant a flower for instance, cover the salt with dirt and put the flower in; better yet, soak the transplant area in a mix of Epsom Salt and water and then plant the transplant; the magnesium in the salt will help the damaged transplanted plant to take roots, absorb the soil’s nutrients and survive the transplant shock.
  • Boost your flowers’ and flowery shrubs’ blossoms, colors and scents. Roses, azaleas, gardenias, and other flowers will yield more bountiful blossoms, in vibrant colors and tantalizing scents; soak your flowers and shrubs with a mix of Epsom Salt and water.

Ask your lawn care Edgewater FL specialists about more uses of Epsom Salt on your property and enjoy your thriving garden all summer long!