The key to ensuring your lawn in Florida starts the spring season in great shape is to establish a good lawn care routine in the fall. During the fall, you'll want to fertilize to give your grass a much-needed nutrient boost and apply weed control treatments to target pesky weeds. You'll also want to aerate it to address soil compaction and ensure its roots have good access to the nutrients and resources it needs to grow lush and green. With these lawn care services in the fall, your grass will have the best chance of bouncing back quicker in the spring.

Fertilize your lawn in the fall to give it a boost of nutrients.



Fertilizers are one of the key lawn care treatments your grass needs to grow strong and lush. By fertilizing your lawn in the fall, you're providing it with a boost of nutrients that will help it recover from any summer-related stress so it is in its best shape before winter arrives. It will also ensure it has enough nourishment to survive dormancy and emerge in the spring in good shape! Here are the nutrients these treatments provide and how they help your grass become lush and green in the spring:

  • Nitrogen keeps your turf healthy, green, and upright. It promotes the production of chlorophyll, which aids in photosynthesis and allows it to produce energy through sunlight.
  • Phosphorus is the macronutrient that encourages strong root development.
  • Potassium bolsters your lawn's resilience and enables it to fight off lawn diseases, insects, drought, and other stressors.

Apply weed control treatments this fall to eliminate weeds from your lawn.

With your grass receiving nutrients from fertilizer treatments, you should also ensure they don't go to weeds. That's why applying weed control treatments is another necessary part of your fall lawn care routine. Administering these treatments in the fall will target and eliminate existing weeds on your turf that are stealing nutrients for themselves. That way, your lawn can maximize the nourishment it receives from the fertilizer applications, giving it the best chance of emerging from dormancy in tip-top shape.

Aeration is a vital fall lawn care service that'll set up your grass for success in the spring.



A reliable way to ensure the success of your lawn's health in the spring is by aerating it in the fall. Aeration is a vital lawn care service that involves pulling up plugs of soil from the ground to address compaction and ensure nutrients, water, air, and sunlight can penetrate to reach the roots of your grass. With better access to these vital resources, your lawn can become robust and develop deep, strong roots that will help it survive being dormant. This lawn care service is a reliable way to fortify its overall health so it can bounce back quicker in the spring.

The cores of soil left behind after aeration will decompose and return beneficial nutrients to your lawn!

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