As we all know, landscaping means more than planting flowers and trimming trees. When you think about landscaping, you need to consider all the elements on your property, hard and soft, visible and less conspicuous ones. We have covered the lawn maintenance tasks you should prioritize this season, so now it is time to focus on the most common landscaping mistakes homeowners do and how to avoid them. Our landscaping Deltona FL pros are here to offer you their tips and recommendations so you can turn your landscape into a work of art.

You Neglect the House

Your house is still the main landscape element that you should be focusing on. Besides the fact that your home should perfectly blend into your overall landscape and add value to it, it also should look great on its own and function perfectly. This is the reason why our landscaping Deltona FL specialists recommend you paint the house exterior, fix the plumbing, strengthen the foundation, and fix the windows and the roof, and so on. Besides making your house look beautiful, these repairs will also keep the house safe from weather elements, pests, rodents, and other threats.

You Ignore the Hardscapes

Fall is indeed a slow season when it comes to your soft (vegetal) landscape, but it is the best season to add or fix hardscape elements. You may want to spice things up with a fire pit or a retaining wall. Moreover, this is also a good time to make the property more functional by adding new pathways, fixing the driveway or the parking lot, adding new outdoor structures, extend some patios and decks, and so on. Our landscaping Deltona FL pros can give you a hand with retention walls building and reinforce concrete pavers’ installations, and erosion control procedures, among others, to make sure everything looks amazing and is ready for the cold season.

You Forget about Fall Clean-Ups

Fall is probably the busiest season – as landscaping is concerned – as you will need to clean and tidy up your property constantly. Our landscaping Deltona FL team can help you with leaves and debris clean-ups, and removal, and pressure washing of driveways, pathways, and hardscapes. You need to implement these essential tasks on a regular basis. Fallen leaves become slippery when wet and turn into a real threat for cars and pedestrians. Moreover, a clean property keeps pests and diseases at bay.

You Forget about Landscape Irrigation System

Shutting down your irrigation system without preliminary repairs or winterizing preparations are mistakes many people make. Let our landscaping Deltona FL pros come down and evaluate the situation. They are experts in landscape irrigation inspections and sprinklers repairs so that you will be in good hands. Follow their advice and make sure you prep your landscape irrigation system correctly so you can use it with no problems in the future.

You Neglect Other Installations and Systems

Landscape lighting inspections and lighting repairs are also tasks you should not neglect, especially this time of year. Moreover, you can ask our team to help you with the installation of new lighting elements on your property.

You should also make sure your pool is ready for the colder season, and it is in perfect shape. Keep in mind that landscape fabrics and groundcovers, tree protection systems, and other upgrades or repairs are mandatory this time of year. Ask your local landscaping Deltona FL experts to give you a hand with the works this season!