If you have been putting off some critical lawn care this year, the new year offers a perfect opportunity to catch up on some crucial trimming, mowing, and maintenance. Many people use the turn of the new year to promise themselves resolutions to eat differently or cut certain habits, but at Leafy Landscapes, we like to make resolutions to enhance our customers’ lawns. Forget about your other goals for a bit and read over our new year resolutions and lawn goals for your Florida home in 2021.

A yard devoid of weeds entirely is hard to find. Whether they latch onto your garden or grass, weeds can do some serious damage to your yard and even kill it entirely. We understand why most homeowners dread weeding; not only does it take a lot of time, but weeds can grow back by the next day too. Weed immediately after a rainstorm and pull weeds by the roots to keep your yard looking healthy and beautiful.


In order to replenish your soil’s nutrients, you should fertilize regularly! A consistent fertilization regimen will lead to greener and fuller lawns. Early spring is a perfect opportunity for homeowners to fertilize their yards, as the frost of winter thaws and the green returns to mother nature’s face. There are plenty of types of fertilizer to choose from, just follow the directions carefully!

Prune Your Trees

What might be seen by some as an arduous errand is actually vital to the life of a tree, and it even comes with some other benefits! Trimming the diseased branches of a tree prevents that infection from spreading to the rest of the tree, and you are also nullifying the threat of those old limbs breaking off and causing damage below. Furthermore, the overgrown branches of a tree might end up in places they should not be, such as getting tangled up with power lines or rapping on your roof. Prune your trees to create a safer and more beautiful yard!

Add to Your Vegetable Garden

Gardening is a rewarding and delicious way to spend your time outdoors. All you have to do is till up a square with some soil, plant the seeds of your choosing, and water consistently. If you have been nurturing a garden throughout the winter months, the beginning of the new year brings a perfect opportunity to add to your portfolio with some new plants. Not only will your vegetable garden add a more vibrant element to your yard, but it will also provide you with inexpensive food.

Let Professionals Take Care of Your Lawn

Finally, and most conveniently, rely on trusted experts to take the most optimal care of your lawn! Reach out to the professionals at Leafy Landscapes, we offer an extensive array of services that will guarantee stress-free lawn care Port Orange residents count on year-round. Whether you need lawn mowing or tree trimming, our contractors will make it happen for your Florida home.