If this year’s trends in landscaping can be summarized in just a few words, such words would be “organic”, “natural”, “repurposed”, “edible”, and “local”. Our landscaping Deltona, FL specialists are here today to detail these major trends in lawn care, gardening and landscape architecture, emphasizing on the most interesting ideas you can adapt to your property as well.

1. Organic

Organic landscaping refers to the use of products and employment of practices that embrace an eco-friendly approach to landscape makeovers. This may mean:

  • The use of organic mulches for looks, hydration, fertilization and protection of flower beds, trees and shrubs.
  • The promotion of micro-ecosystems thriving on your property by introduction of companion plants, beneficial insects, birds and butterflies into the gardens.
  • The use of organic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides to lower the impact of chemicals onto the soil and vegetation roots.

2. Natural

Another major trend in landscaping this year is the use of natural materials in the building of outdoor structures and hardscapes. The postmodern trends of using metal, steel and glass seems to be replaced by a return to a rawer, more natural approach to landscaping: natural stone and wood, sun-dry tiles, teracotta, brick and cobblestones. Garden furniture, fire pits, retaining walls, patios and outdoor entertainment areas seem to go retro and promote a much welcomed return to nature.

3. Repurposed

In deep connection with the previous trend, the idea of repurposing and achieving DIY-like gardening project also promotes sustainability and an inclination towards a more natural, wilder and laid-back landscape design. Our landscaping Deltona, FL specialists found a handful of interesting repurposing ideas you might want to give a try:

  • Old containers and buckets turned into water features
  • Boldly painted fences as backdrops for the display of artsy collections or to build vertical gardens
  • Old children wagons becoming portable gardens or fairy gardens for smaller children
  • Old buckets or broken flower pots are half burried in the ground to let flowers spill from them onto the ground
  • Old house furniture turned into retro garden furniture

The preservation of resources and the reuse of assets is in full compliance with the sustainability approach to landscape design this year. Such repurposing ideas are also used to cut down turf sizes, another sustainable approach to landscaping.

4. Edible

The introduction of edible gardens is not a new idea, but it is definitely a growing one. The mix of vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and companion plants is all the rage right now for many reasons:

  • It promotes healthy lifestyles and the consumption of fresh fruit and veggies
  • It promotes a sustainable approach to gardening and landscaping with the promotion of micro-ecosystems containing beneficial insects, bees, butterflies, and birds.
  • It promotes an eclectic approach to landscaping as the mix of vegetables and ornamentals offer the property color, contrast, texture, scent and movement in a natural way.

5. Local

By local our landscaping Deltona, FL specialists mean “hyperlocal”, an emerging concept in landscaping this year. It means the use of region-native species of grasses, shrubs, trees and vegetation to promote low-maintenance and low-budget landscapes. Endemic species need less water to thrive, are resilient to local weeds, pests and diseases (and climacteric conditions above all) and require little time, effort and money to thrive.

Ask your landscaping Deltona, FL local team about other trends in gardening and landscaping and see how you can adapt and adopt such innovations to your own property.