Summer has come to an end and fall is finally underway. Though many homeowners hang up their tools until spring, fall is actually the ideal season to prepare your lawn for the chilly winter months that are still ahead of us. If you invest the time and effort into your lawn this fall, you will be greeted with a lush, green lawn come springtime. If you don’t know where to begin with your autumn yard maintenance, follow our fall cleanup checklist to learn everything you need to know!

Remove Debris

As trees shed their leaves, they smother the grass and prevent growth. Leaves and weeds can also provide a haven for pests like mice. Allowing organic waste like leaves to accumulate in your yard can introduce lots of problems. In order to keep this problem under control, rake all your leaves onto a tarp for easier hauling to the curb. You can also use the leaves to your advantage by shredding them with a lawnmower, which yields tiny flakes that act as natural fertilizer.

Remove Dead Shrubs

Inspect your shrubs and trees for signs of decay by scraping away the bark. If there are no signs of green under the bark, then the plant may unfortunately be dead. As the temperatures lower, the ground hardens and makes it more difficult to remove shrubs. Fall is also a great time to plant new trees and shrubs for maximum growth. If you need to remove some plants, take your time and don’t try to accomplish everything in one day, just take care of it before the weather gets too cold.

Continue Mowing

Yard maintenance in the fall is all about finishing strong so that it can survive the bitter cold of winter. Continue to water and mow your yard and it will show its appreciation throughout the seasons. Once temperatures begin to drop, you should set your mower’s blades to their lowest setting for the last two cuts of the season. This will allow more natural light to reach the crown of the grass and allow the soil to dry out faster in the spring.

Aerate the Lawn

Experts say the best time to aerate your lawn is in the fall during growing season. Aeration can remove thatch, alleviate soil compaction, and make your grass healthier and more beautiful. There are a few ways to aerate your lawn depending on its size. For example, smaller yards can be aerated using spiked shoes which create holes in your soil and break apart organic debris under the surface. Lawns larger than three acres may require the professional help of a landscaper rather than spending a full day digging holes.

If you need professional help getting your yard cleaned this fall and ready for the winter, contact our team at Leafy Landscapes. Our landscape contractors will work with you and provide the best lawn care available in New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange. After inspecting your yard to determine the appropriate maintenance that it requires, we will provide lawn mowing services, tree trimming services, shrub trimming services, and many more. Allow us to help you prepare for this winter season and contact us today!