Summer is right around the corner, and it’s time once again to focus on lawn care. The hot and rainy months are ideal for growing lush green lawns, but without proper maintenance and attention, your property could soon take on an unkempt and overgrown look. Thankfully, you can avoid this scenario through daily vigilance and upkeep.

Your lawn is like a carpet for your home’s exterior. As with any ground covering, proper care ensures years of lasting comfort and enjoyment. Use this advice for a great-looking lawn this season:

1) Get Water Smart

Water is a precious resource that everyone should be committed to conserving. Many steps have already been taken in Florida that has made a serious impact in protecting water usage, including using reclaimed water and other ideas. Now, you can join the growing community of ‘water watchers’ by following a few simple steps.

The easiest way is to ‘teach’ your lawn to survive on less water. This is accomplished by watering deeper and less often. Lawn care experts agree frequent watering for short periods encourages grass to develop a shallow root system. This makes it easier for weeds to form and thrive and also creates an environment by which grass is more susceptible to disease.

By contrast, less frequent watering for longer periods at a time trains grass to develop a healthy and deep root system. This contributes to a fuller appearance and longer vegetation life.

2) Use Alternating Mowing Patterns

Like any routine task, it’s easy to get into the habit of mowing your grass the same way every time. But did you know that over time this can actually have a negative effect on lawn growth? Similar to head hair, when lawns are consistently groomed in the same manner, they develop a sort of ‘growth memory.’ By alternating your mowing patterns every few weeks, you can stimulate lawn growth and the direction in which grass falls. This method also helps remove ruts and contributes to a healthier, more even lawn.

3) Put Grass to Good Use

There has long been a debate about whether to leave or bag grass clippings. While convictions run deep on both sides of the aisle, many lawn care experts contend that mowed grass (often called grass mulch) is a major contributing factor to the overall health of your lawn.

The process begins by ensuring your mower blades are sharp. This promotes clean and even grass cutting. As the machine’s blade spins, each stalk of grass is sliced multiple times. Through decomposition, the discarded grass mulch then adds nutrients to the soil. In addition, and similar to bark mulch, grass clippings help your lawn retain water — saving you both time and money.

4) Ask the Experts

Some homeowners truly relish time spent on lawn care, while others view it as a dreaded but necessary task. Particularly in the hot summer months, the last thing you may want to do is sweat and toil in your front yard. That’s when it’s wise to reach out for support from a skilled and qualified landscaping team.

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