Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. However, some of us are damaging this delicate vegetation without even knowing it. From harsh mowing practices, to dangerous chemicals, and more, there are many methods by which an otherwise healthy lawn can quickly turn into an unappealing eyesore.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your property looking great every day of the year. By paying close attention to maintenance and mastering a few simple tricks, your lawn will soon become the talk of the neighborhood. Here’s how to get started:

1) Focus on Growth and Prosperity

When it comes to watering, any landscaper will tell you that quality overrides quantity. That means it’s better to water deeply and less often. Frequent watering for short periods encourages shallow root growth and exposes grass to disease.

Use alternate mowing patterns to achieve aesthetic grass. When you mow the same way each time, the lawn starts to “remember.” Each blade of grass will fall the same way after each mow. However, changing your mow patterns sets the stage for a more even, healthier-looking lawn.

It’s also a good idea to keep your mower blades consistently sharp. Though dull blades might appear to be doing a good job, the reality is that grass will be cut unevenly. Over time, this causes browning.

Many Port Orange homeowners swear by mulching. Some lawnmowers even do this automatically as you work. As it decomposes, mulched grass adds essential nutrients to your lawn. In addition, this organic material will naturally help your lawn retain needed water.

If you’re unable or unwilling to devote time and energy to lawn care, a skilled and qualified landscape professional can help keep your property looking great all summer long.

2) Avoid Harmful Practices

As you update your watering schedule, it’s wise to also increase your mowing frequency. Mowing tall grass puts a strain on your lawnmower, and excess mulch can suffocate your turf.

In addition, landscape experts contend that mowing too short is a sure way to cause damage to grass blades. Shady areas of your lawn often require a different mowing height than those portions that receive full sun for most of the day.

While mowing a wet lawn doesn’t necessarily harm your grass, it also doesn’t help. Mowers can quickly fill and become clogged. That leads to uneven cutting. In addition, mower wheels can create ruts and grooves in the turf, leaving behind an unsightly mess from which it’s difficult to recover.

3) Enlist Expert Assistance

Though weeds can easily invade any lawn, it’s possible to prevent them from growing at all. Several products (such as pre-emergent herbicides) stop seeds from sprouting. In addition, regular fertilizing is essential. Speak with a knowledgeable New Smyrna Beach-area landscape professional for application options.

Since 2007, we’ve helped countless homeowners with lawn care in Port Orange and the surrounding region devise and implement innovative property solutions to match their unique desires and requirements.

From lawn care, to landscape design and installation, erosion control, tree and shrub trimming, and much more, we can help you create and maintain an aesthetic outdoor environment of which you can be proud. Contact us today to get started.