Landscape Management Deland FL Specialists’ Activity List in Early Fall

Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 3:09AM

The fall season covers your property in glorious colors and amazing scents. However, your landscape management activities are not over. We know you love spending time outside and enjoying your lush lawn and landscape, but you still have plenty of work to do. Even if fall is a slower season, you need to be ready to face anything. Today we have our landscape management Deland FL pros offering you a list comprising the main activities you should not neglect. Your lawn and landscape should be healthy, thriving, and strong against weather conditions, pests, and diseases. Are you ready to go outside and make the best use of your gardening tools? Here is what you need to do!

1. Soil Preparations

The soil is the very foundation of your landscape. For the entire ecosystem to thrive, the soil needs to be strong and healthy. There are two main activities here you need to consider, according to our landscape management Deland FL specialists:

  • Soil testing: you may have also performed this activity in spring, but it is better to repeat it in fall as well. Check for the soil’s pH levels, drainage, and its fertilization needs. You may need to apply soil amendments or fix some issues.
  • Soil aeration: Ask your local landscape maintenance Deland FL pros to instruct you in soil core aeration. This activity allows you to de-compact the soil and make sure that light, sun rays, water, fertilizers, and oxygen reach deep within and nourish the land and the turf roots.

2. Turf Preparations

After a long summer, your lawn may show signs of exhaustion. Such signs include patches of dry, yellow, burnt or damaged grass. The causes include heavy foot traffic, heat, pests, and more. Therefore you should not neglect your turf. Do not neglect your lawn and grasses. According to our landscape management Deland FL pros, there are two essential activities to include on the list.

  • Lawn overseeding: Reseed the dry and damaged areas on your lawn; a denser lawn also means a more resilient one in the face of fall pests and diseases.
  • Lawn mowing: This is a good time to raise the lawn mower blades; taller grasses are stronger grasses this time of year.

3. Landscape Irrigation

Your lawn and landscape should benefit proper irrigation this time of year. Evergreens need extra quantities of water during the months of September and October. Your local landscape management Deland FL specialists will come up with an irrigation plan to cover all your property’s needs.

4. Landscape Styling

Your landscape management Deland FL pros can trim and prune your vegetation (shrubs, trees, hedges, and bushes, among others) to promote new flowers and foliage and keep your entire landscape neat and beautiful.

5. Fertilization and Weed Control

Early fall is the season of pre-emergent weed control and proper fertilization. Our landscape management Deland FL experts will assess the situation, implement a thorough fertilization, and weed control program that ensures your property is safe from weeds and the diseases/pests they may entertain.

6. Fall Clean-ups and Property Maintenance

Starting this season, you need to implement a solid fall clean up, pressure washing, and ground maintenance program. Our landscape maintenance Deland FL pros will make sure your entire property is free from debris (vegetal or otherwise). Such frequent cleaning activities will ensure your landscape is safe from pests, diseases, and weeds.

Have your local landscape maintenance Deland FL experts give you a hand with the early fall

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