More people today are moving away from traditional landscape ideas in favor of outdoor aesthetics that feature a close personal connection. Particularly in areas like Central Florida where the weather is favorable most days, homeowners want innovative property enhancement solutions that match their unique style and preferences.

Skilled and qualified landscape professionals have answered that call, delivering one-of-a-kind outdoor artwork that attracts interests and establishes ambiance. Use these tips to transform your property into a calming oasis of which you can be proud:

Focus on the Front

Any REALTOR® will tell you that curb appeal remains one of the motivating factors for home buyers. Even if you’re not looking to sell, paying special attention to the front of your property creates a welcoming impression and demonstrates that you care about the neighborhood and surrounding community.

Vibrant flowers are a great way to create instant interest. When you work with a versatile and engaged landscape company, your property will always feature compelling plants and flowers designed to thrive in the current season.

In addition, incorporating hardscape elements (such as gates and trellises) allows strategically-placed vines to climb. This creates an eye-catching scene that will surely attract attention.

Create Dimension

Increasing in popularity, planting at different heights produces an artistic appeal that won’t go unnoticed. This effect is easily achieved through the use of hanging baskets, potted plants, and in-ground vegetation. A skilled and qualified landscape professional can create for you a scene that will make people stop and take notice.

In addition, allowing favorite shrubs to bloom and spread adds a subtle element of controlled chaos in an otherwise manicured landscape. This creates an inventive combination that sets the stage for peaceful meditation and relaxed entertaining.

Install a Focal Point

Most people are naturally attracted to symmetrical presentations. That’s why creating a focal point in your landscape design is a good idea.

Some Palm Coast homeowners choose to connect points of interest with a stone walkway. Others add interest with a large natural rock display. Water features lend interest and ambiance. The soothing sounds of circulating water will help your guests and loved ones feel at home.

Another idea is to establish an outdoor seating area. This could be a stone bench, tree stump, swing, or other object. Such areas encourage people to linger and enjoy the peaceful landscape experience you’re able to provide.

Keep It Interesting

There’s a cliché that says: variety is the spice of life. In an era of new inventions and constantly-evolving concepts, many people are drawn to ideas and elements that are new and exciting. That’s why it’s essential to keep your landscape design innovative and up-to-date.

Since 2007, we’ve been proud to transform Central Florida properties into true works of art. From landscape design and maintenance to lawn care, erosion control, tree trimming, and more, we’ve become the go-to landscaping resource for homeowners across Flagler County. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your property a relaxing haven every day of the year.