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5 Mistakes to Avoid Making this fall: Landscaping Deltona FL Pros Share Their Tips

As we all know, landscaping means more than planting flowers and trimming trees. When you think about landscaping, you need to consider all the elements on your property, hard and soft, visible and less conspicuous ones. We have covered the lawn maintenance tasks you should prioritize this season, so now it is time to focus on the most common landscaping mistakes homeowners do and how to avoid them. Our landscaping Deltona FL pros are here to offer you their tips and recommendations so you can turn your landscape into a work of art. Continue reading

Landscape Management Deland FL Specialists’ Activity List in Early Fall

The fall season covers your property in glorious colors and amazing scents. However, your landscape management activities are not over. We know you love spending time outside and enjoying your lush lawn and landscape, but you still have plenty of work to do. Even if fall is a slower season, you need to be ready to face anything. Today we have our landscape management Deland FL pros offering you a list comprising the main activities you should not neglect. Your lawn and landscape should be healthy, thriving, and strong against weather conditions, pests, and diseases. Are you ready to go outside and make the best use of your gardening tools? Here is what you need to do! Continue reading

Hot Summer Weed Control: Lawn Care Palm Coast FL Pros’ Tips and Tricks

Weeds are probably your greatest concern this time of year, as the heat outside and your watering schedule prompts them to pop their ugly heads out and try to take over your lawn, garden, and landscape. If the first thing that crossed your mind was the use of herbicides and fertilizers, we should remind you that heat and chemicals don’t get along well – during hot summer months fertilizers can burn and damage the soil, grasses, or vegetation roots. Moreover, if you also cultivate vegetables, berries, fruity shrubs or trees you already know the use of chemicals isn’t the healthiest way to go. Today we invited our lawn care Palm Coast FL specialists to tell you how to keep weeds at bay and away from your lawn and landscape with the help of some organic measures. Continue reading

Perennials’ Summer Maintenance: Lawn Care Deland FL Specialists’ Advice

Your perennials are probably one of your greatest assets as a home owner. Their endless beauty, amazing colors, tantalizing scents, contrasts, shade, and value are privileges all owners appreciate and try to preserve. If you love your perennials, their foliage, flowers, and flavors, if you want to keep them blossoming after they fade for the first time this summer, and keep them healthy and protected, we have some tips for you. Today, our lawn care Deland FL specialists are here to tell you how to look after your perennials and enjoy them fresh and strong all season long, making the best out of them. Continue reading

All about Epsom Salt: Lawn Care Edgewater FL Pros Share their Tips

Summer is the season to protect your lawn and garden, fertilize it properly to fend off weeds and boost the vegetation’s foliage and flowers. In the spirit of organic, affordable, safe, and healthy lawn maintenance, today our lawn care Edgewater FL specialists are here to talk to you about Epsom Salt. This is an organic product used for decades as a bath salt and home remedy in both humans and animals in the last years; it was moved to the garden, being scientifically proven as a tremendously helpful soil amendment. Let’s see what Epsom Salt can do for your property with no effort at all! Continue reading

5 Grasses for Naturescaping: Lawn Care Daytona Beach Pros’ Tips

One of the garden trends we mentioned earlier this year was the “hyperlocal” one – the use of native and region-specific grasses, flowers, trees, and ornamentals in order to cut back maintenance costs and promote beautiful, lush lawns and landscapes that need little care. When it comes to naturescaping and hyperlocal gardening, a specific trend stands out: the replacement of traditional turf with native local grasses – they may not look the same, but they are definitely more resilient to heat, pests, diseases, and other extreme weather conditions. Turf replacements are not new as an idea: such projects are gaining more and more popularity in Texas, for instance, as heat, water restrictions and huge bills related to turf irrigation and care determined owners to choose native grass species. Today, our lawn care Daytona Beach FL specialists have chosen three native Floridian grasses that can successfully replace all traditional, high-maintenance turfs and make your property look like a small corner of wild paradise. Continue reading

Planting Marigolds for Looks and Function in Amazing Lawn Care Deland, FL Spring Projects

All homeowners and seasoned gardeners feel the need to revamp, manicure and style up their lawns, gardens and landscape each spring. If you share such desires and impulses, you should know that marigolds are all the rage right now. Marigolds are resilient to weather conditions, weeds and pest and they especially love hot weather, well-drained soils and space to unfold their beauty and their magical powers, so why not revamp your property this year with yellow, gold, copper, brass or orange marigolds? Today, our lawn care Deland, FL specialists are here to offer you a quick guide on the plantation and maintenance of marigolds. Continue reading

3 Inorganic Mulches to Try This Year: Lawn Care Edgewater, FL Experts’ Guide

Not so long ago, we have talked about some of the most important and used organic mulches to boost your lawn and landscape’s health and looks. However, inorganic mulches and ground covers also have their fair share of uses and functions in a landscape. Granted, they don’t bring an added value as fertilization is concerned, but they do act as weed / pests barriers. Some are used exclusively for their gorgeous look, others for their ability to keep the ground cool and the roots moist during heat waves. Today, our lawn care Edgewater, FL specialists have prepared a short guide on inorganic mulches to use this year. Continue reading

5 Garden Trends to Look For: Landscaping Deltona, FL Pros’ Top Picks

If this year’s trends in landscaping can be summarized in just a few words, such words would be “organic”, “natural”, “repurposed”, “edible”,  and “local”. Our landscaping Deltona, FL specialists are here today to detail these major trends in lawn care, gardening and landscape architecture, emphasizing on the most interesting ideas you can adapt to your property as well.

Continue reading

5 Organic Mulches to Use in 2017: Lawn Care Port Orange, FL Pros Share Their Tips

Given how the weather spoils us around these parts, it is only natural to mind our lawns and landscapes and protect them against heat. Responsible homeowners already know they need to keep their lawns sparkling green, thick and lush without wasting resources or burdening their budgets with heavy bills. As we all know, one of the biggest trends in lawn care this year is the organic approach covering all sides of lawn and landscape maintenance, protection and development. From this point of view, our lawn care Port Orange, FL specialists noticed a growing popularity in the use of organic mulches as both humidity / moisture protectors and natural fertilizers. Today we will take a look at five popular types of organic mulches you can use to keep the soil and roots well hydrated and properly nourished.

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