Outstanding Lawn Care in Port Orange FL

Lawn Care Port Orange FLNon-experts will tell you that there is no big deal about lawn care, while satisfied customers will tell you that outstanding lawn care in Port Orange FL services bear the name of Leafy Landscapes. We have been on the market of lawn care and lawn maintenance for many years now in several areas of Florida, and we witnessed truly amazing progress in the science and technology fields, progress that didn’t pass by agronomy and horticulture without making significant changes. And these changes are constantly tested and improved by our technicians, trained and supervised by agronomists in the state, as their mission is to provide the best Port Orange lawn care services on the market.

There aren’t two identical patches of land, two lawns, two trees or two people and our pride resides in the fact that we managed to offer our clients tailored lawn care programs that fit perfectly the needs, taking into account the soil type, the moisture levels, the dangers posed by pests, the turf and the grass species and so on. We never give a recipe, but we make a diagnosis and follow a custom designed personalized lawn care plan, which includes providing the right combination of nutrients in the right concentration and dosages, aeration if needed, pest control, weed control, disease prevention and damage assessment. Our experts will pay you regular monitoring visits and your lawn will get healthier and more beautiful before your eyes.

Care to test the best lawn care, Port Orange FL?

If you are wondering why hiring us for Port Orange FL lawn care and not choose the other companies on the market, or, even better, do everything on your own, we can only say this: we have the experience and the training, we have the scientific and technological background to deal with serious lawn disease, pest infestations or weed outbreaks, we don’t just pour herbicides and fertilizers and see ourselves out, but we are focused on detail and quality. We have a satisfaction guarantee policy, allowing you to call us back and make things right on our own expenses and we don’t want to do that. We want to get things right from the beginning, this is why we train our people for diagnosis and for custom design of substance mixes and blends that we are sure will feed your lawn, keeping it healthy and safe from any danger. Everybody can mow a lawn, but very few can get the right combination of fertilizers, doses, concentrations and sequential applicability to keep all risks at a minimum.  And everybody is directly supervised and trained by high authority agronomists. But you don’t have to take our word for anything, just give us a call and we’ll take your lawn in our hands!