The Best Lawn Care in Palm Coast FL

Lawn Care Palm Coast FLAs tempted as you might be to take care of it yourself, lawn maintenance is best left to the experts. Once you’ve tried our services or once you’ll at least have seen a lawn that received the full Leafy Landscapes treatment, you’ll understand why we’re dubbed by our customers the best lawn care in Palm Coast FL. Our company has been maintaining both residential and commercial lawn areas for many years and its members have working experience with lawn care and lawn maintenance that goes back to before that. That accumulated experience, coupled with dedication and patience and a love for detail, make us the best choice for maintaining your lawn in its ideal shape and health. Over the years, our service packs have become increasingly varied and to a great degree personalized, as to provide exactly the services tailored to your specific needs.

Expert Lawn Care in Palm Coast FL

So why would you choose us instead of our competitors? To put it simply, we at Leafy Landscapes take lawn care seriously. That means we don’t believe in a so-called mow and go style of lawn maintenance; and such a simplistic and superficial attitude is something that we would frown upon and discourage within our staff, not that there were ever any complaints. The best recommendations for our pro-level services come from our present and former clients and the simplest way to see for yourself that we are indeed the best choice for lawn care in Palm Coast FL is to read our customer reviews, or just give us a try directly. We respect the importance that your lawn has to you and it is our upmost priority to respect that investment. That means that we will overall nurture your lawn and landscape and provide you with any number of advanced services of lawn mowing, aerating, over-seeding, fertilization and weed control, tree service, mulching, flower planting, flower bed maintenance, hedge and shrub trimming and many more similar client needs that may arise.

Our basic lawn maintenance plan for Palm Coast FL includes several annual visits to make sure that your lawn looks and feels exquisite. We mow the grass every week from March through September and we mow twice a week starting from October through February. Our extra options and adaptations of this basic program are all decided together with the client and as a response to the field and the client’s special requirements and specific needs. Nothing catches us unprepared though, so the lawns in our care always look their best without much fuss for the owner.

The personalized lawn care services which we offer are backed by expert knowledge. Our staff carries many certifications and possesses and advanced education background to ensure that we’re the best at what we do. The training of our staff members on all matters of lawn maintenance is a continuous task and we are always prepared for any lawn situation that may occur. With us as your lawn care provider, there will never be any unpleasant surprises and your lawn will always be in tip-top shape.