Excellent Lawn Care in New Smyrna Beach FL

Lawn Care New Smyrna Beach FLLeafy Landscapes knows everything there is to know about the beautiful trees and lawns in New Smyrna Beach FL, because for many years we have been here to make sure your lawns and landscapes stay healthy and grow to become more and more outstanding, like the city itself. Even if we are based in Port Orange, as a locally owned company, our experience in lawn care, New Smyrna Beach FL included, stands the test of time and the certification of authorities in agronomy and horticulture. We provide a wide range of New Smyrna Beach FL lawn care, lawn maintenance, fertilization services, shrub care and many more, with an attention to preventing disease, developing annual lawn care programs and using only certified substances and technologies.

What are the New Smyrna Beach FL lawn care issues that address immediate intervention? Well, we don’t use the same program for all lawns. We first pay a visit and make a diagnosis. Maybe you are interested in aeration, but our trained experts consider the flower bed weed control or overseeding to claim immediate attention. Leafy Landscapes is specialized in the science of growing beautiful lawns using proven agronomic practices and technical teams who operate under the supervision of professionals. We just don’t do things playing by heart, but based on our professionals’ ever growing know-how and expertise. We offer integrated lawn care services and if you have environmental concerns, you should know we only use the safest combinations of substances, customized blends that suit your turf and grass, technologies that feed nutrients to your plants’ roots with no wastes and a shrub care service program that is designed to gradually treat and develop your landscape.

We know scientific lawn care. New Smyrna Beach FL homeowners, call us now!

Our licensed professionals don’t just fertilize your lawns. They are trained in spotting the slightest sign of lawn disease or weed infestation and are able to design a treatment and lawn maintenance program which combines essential grass nutrients, custom blended quality weed controls, and the highest grade of commercial grass seed. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if the initial plan didn’t work, our experts will come back to make all the necessary adjustments free of charge. They will monitor your lawn development and take action, no matter if it’s about aeration, maintenance, flower bed care and so on. You can give us a call today and let us do the thing we do best: landscape and lawn care in New Smyrna Beach FL!