Exquisite Lawn Care in Flagler Beach FL

Lawn Care Flagler Beach FLEver looked at a house and garden magazine and seen such beautiful greenery that you were tempted to believe the photo is somehow manipulated? And do you know how you sometimes take a look over a neighbor’s fence to just admire for a few moments his lawn, ornamental flower beds and shrubs, thinking that some people spend fortunes on landscape artists? Who do you think are the most envied and respected lawn owners in your town? Which neighbors have the best lawn care, Flagler Beach FL? Who do you think that are the ones whose lawns and landscapes make everybody want to shoot a picture in front of somebody’s house? The ones who afforded fortunes on complicated exterior designs? No, the ones who called Leafy Landscapes and opted for a simple, cost efficient lawn care program, because this is what we do best and this is what responsible lawn owners know to do for more many years.

Flagler Beach is one of the many areas in Florida where we are pretty busy offering lawn care services, weed control, lawn maintenance, shrub and tree care, fertilization and many more, but we have a long history with Flagler Beach to know the best lawns came from our hands. Some of our most appreciated services are: soil core aeration, overseeding, lawn disease prevention and diagnostic services. You can consider us lawn-doctors, as we train our technicians to precisely identify the onset of any plight to your lawn (Brown Patch is but one of many), a pest infestation, or weeds outbreaks. Our staff is trained and supervised by an expert and they treat any lawn and greenery with the respect and care a doctor would treat a child. Since there is no medicine to cure all disease, there is no Flagler Beach FL lawn care plan to suit all lawns in the area. Our experts will analyze everything from the soil to the turf type and from that point on, they will custom design a specialized program to maintain your lawn free from any damage, healthy and with photo-like beauty.

The best lawn care in Flagler Beach FL money can buy

We base our confidence on science and technology. We develop proven methods to keep lawns healthy and good looking together with experts. We don’t just spread the fertilizer and leave. We keep coming back to monitor, assess, adjust, and make things better. We know about disease diagnosis and substance blending so we can offer your lawn the proper nutrients. We want to boost the health of your lawn and vouch for our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, we will re-treat your turf completely for free.