Pro-Level Lawn Care in Debary FL

Lawn Care Debary FLWhat sets us apart from other lawn care companies trying to pitch you their services is the fact that we simply are in a different league than them. We’re not your average mow-and-go style company that will just leave your lawn feeling neglected. Instead, our main drive and goal is to be as scientifically-backed as possible, to provide cutting edge services with the help of the newest technologies and products in the field of lawn care and to never have anyone best us when it comes to providing the best lawn care in Debary FL. To that effect, we’ve delivered pro-level lawn service ever since starting our company years ago, while our background in lawn care goes back further than that. To ensure the rest of our crew matches our (and your) high expectations, our staff members already come from impressive educational backgrounds and continue to undergo extended and continuous training and learning. This way, we are always aware of the top-level changes and improvements in professional lawn care and we’re ready to provide you with the best of what technology can offer. Another measure that we take to ensure high quality lawn service is the multi-level supervision of our staff and of every process and phase delivered to you. This way, there is no promise unfulfilled and customer satisfaction has always been a given fact here at Leafy Landscapes.

Choose Us for the Best Lawn Care in Debary FL

As the best lawn care provider in the field, we strive to offer personalized services individually tailored to suit each of our client’s needs and preferences. But beyond such adjustments and special requests, we also try to keep things simple and to take the tiring job of lawn care out of our client’s hair, once he or she wants to leave it to the pros. To that effect, we also provide some basic service packs, upon which there is of course room to build with extra options and so on. One of such service packs is our basic lawn maintenance plan, which includes multiple home visits per year and ensures a beautiful fuss-free lawn in no time. Our lawn mowing services are also based on a sound plan and come on a weekly basis March through September and twice a week from October until the end of February. Every detail is carefully considered and handled seamlessly and that is what makes the difference between us and the other lawn maintenance companies which don’t have an expertise to match ours by far.

If you’re ever considering any additional changes to your yard and surroundings, we’re also the best option when it comes to other services, like landscaping (with both personalized design services and the follow-up build), and so on. Our billing comes in balanced options and plans should the client choose it. Everything the client is concerned about or wishes to discuss is addressed with the utmost attention and professionalism. Leafy Landscapes is probably the only lawn care in Debary FL that never disappoints and that handles all your lawn care and landscaping needs with the most caring attention.