Expert Lawn Care in Daytona Beach FL

Lawn Care Daytona Beach FLLeafy Landscapes knows that the citizens of Daytona Beach FL take things seriously when it comes to home improvement and landscape and lawn care. For many years now, our locally owned company based in Port Orange has done its best to provide Daytona Beach FL lawn care at the highest standards possible. We developed an annual lawn care program which begins with an on-location evaluation and diagnosis phase, our trained experts having the task to evaluate everything, from the turf, grass, soil, potential disease occurring, pests, weeds, and shrub needs, flower beds weed control and so on. This plan is afterwards completed with detailed intervention methods that are applied in a time sequence and consisting in providing your lawn with nutrients, aeration, weed control, lawn maintenance, depending on your needs.

Climate in Daytona Beach is proper for having a beautiful lawn, provided you let specialists take care of it, as not all the problems are visible or easy to remove. Our technicians work under the supervision of a trained expert and participate in regular training on new lawn care technologies and best practices. Our Daytona Beach FL lawn care programs are constantly developed in concurrence with turf specialists and adjusted to address specific growing conditions of the Daytona Beach area.

You deserve the best possible lawn care, Daytona Beach FL

Our lawn care program also comes with a guarantee. This means that our experts will pay you regular visits and assess the developments and the outcomes and, if you are not fully satisfied with these results, based on the guarantee policy, you will benefit from a new lawn care treatment free of charge. If you have some concerns regarding the substances we use for lawn care and lawn maintenance, you should not worry: we will provide you with custom designed substance blends, nutrients and weed control mixtures so that your turf, grass or flowers are not affected in any way and your family and pets can feel safe. Technology progressed in all fields and we kept up, this is why our Daytona Beach FL lawn care programs are supervised by trained professionals who take the best out of tradition and innovation and put them in your service.

You don’t have to take our word for anything. You just need to see for yourself that we have dedicated ourselves to the health and beauty of your lawns and landscapes. You can give us a call today and we will take over all your lawn problems! And if you are satisfied with the results, we would be more than happy to help your friends too!