Professional Landscaping Orange City, FL Services to Repair Damaged Properties

Landscaping Orange City FLAccording to landscaping Orange City, FL specialists, a damaged property is a serious problem one needs to address immediately. If you want to buy a good house in a great neighborhood, a damaged lawn or a jungle of tangled weeds will definitely put you off and determine you to look for another property to purchase. However, there are professional landscaping Orange City, FL experts who would advise you against it: a damaged lawn and an outdoor space looking like Ms. Havisham’s nightmares can be fixed with the correct landscaping and landscape management programs – provided they are implemented by an experienced landscape contractor. Let’s see a few details regarding damaged properties and their most significant symptoms.

How Does a Damaged Property, Lawn and Landscape, Look?

Specialists found that there are at least two main reasons why an outdoor space can look downright damaged and unappealing: the previous owner didn’t care for the lawn and landscape and let everything in the hands of nature and climacteric conditions, or the previous owner made a few severe landscape management mistakes which, in turn, led to serious damages. Just as you inspect the house you want to buy, you should also inspect the property and look for the next damage symptoms:

  • Compacted and cluttered soil
  • Extremely dry and cracked soil or soil which accumulated patches of clay
  • Dry, burnt and curled turf, grasses, and foliage
  • Bare patches of land
  • Weed infestations on large areas
  • Soil erosion
  • Visible pest infestations
  • Vegetation affected by disease

What Can Our Landscaping Orange City, FL Experts Do to Fix a Damaged Property?

Our company is ready to address all issues and turn your landscape into a lush patch of Paradise:

  • Full property assessment: soil, turf, vegetation, hardscapes, lighting and sprinklers inspection
  • Lawn removal, soil and sod installations, aeration, overseeding, site grading
  • Soil erosion counter-measures
  • Intensive lawn fertilization and weed control, mulching.
  • Edging, pressure washing, leaves and debris cleanups and removal.
  • Flower planting, trees, and palms trimming, bushes/hedges/shrubs trimming and pruning
  • Adding retaining walls, stone installations, concrete pavers installations, sprinklers repairs, landscape lighting installations.

Why Should You Hire Us to Fully Upgrade Your New Property?

With the highest rankings in the state, our landscaping Orange City, FL services are tailored to suit your needs and your budget. We back up our work with warranties and licensed services, performed by certified professionals.  Moreover:

  • We offer integrated landscaping and landscape management services, covering all lawn and landscape needs from A to Z, all year long.
  • Our trained experts and workers are all screened and insured.
  • We employ the best tools, equipment, and materials to keep you, the property and the environment safe.
  • We can maintain your lawn healthy and lush all year long and we offer a full management program which includes the building and maintenance of hardscape elements and landscape installations.

If your future home doesn’t look exactly like your dreams, don’t worry! Give us a call, ask for a free estimate and let us redesign, upgrade and revamp the landscape you will be proud to call “home”!