Environmental Friendly and Healthy Landscaping New Smyrna Beach, FL Projects for All Residents

Landscaping New Smyrna Beach FLLandscaping is more than an art; it is a science, especially in our modern world, fully concerned about the health of people, pets, and the environment. Our landscaping New Smyrna Beach, FL company has been servicing the area for many years and understands homeowners’ needs and wishes in terms of sustainability, preservation of resources and safety. Green landscaping means creating a thriving micro-ecosystem on your property, allowing nature to thrive, attracting beneficial insects and boosting the vegetation’s health and development with the correct means. But beyond all these, environmental and healthy landscaping New Smyrna Beach, FL projects mean respect for you and the environment, attention to detail, integrated services, long-term landscape management, functional landscape designs and hi-tech solutions to ensure its thriving. So if you desire to achieve a lush landscape that follows the green approach, this is what you need to know about our company and our services.

What Landscaping New Smyrna Beach, FL Projects Can We Implement on Your Property?

We have the best landscaping artists in the state working with us and the most experienced specialists in horticulture, agriculture, environmental sciences, engineering, and constructions. We work only with certified professionals and trained workers. Our main goal is to offer you the best landscaping designs at the most competitive prices and sustainable landscape maintenance programs to turn your property into a healthy, thriving patch of Heaven. These are just a few elements we can offer you:

  • Lush and healthy front lawns, gardens and backyards: we perform sod installations, site grading, and erosion control measures.
  • We aim to plant native flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and so on. Native vegetation is adapted to your local climacteric conditions, more resilient to local pests and weeds, better adapted to extreme weather phenomena and easy to maintain, thus saving you money and time on watering, weeding, fertilization and pest control.
  • Hardscape elements: We can add retaining walls, concrete pavers and stone installations which need little to no maintenance, perfectly blended in your green landscape and thus saving you money and effort with long-term care. Built in formal or informal designs, adding the necessary curves and focal points, our hardscape elements, including fire pits, decks, and patios, driveways and pathways, they all add up to the environmental-friendly approach.
  • We perform soil tests, choose the best plants and trees, install mulch when needed and perform weekly, seasonal and yearly lawn and landscape maintenance jobs to make sure all landscape elements are in perfect shape and state of health.
  • Our weed control and fertilization programs are custom-tailored to fit the needs of your lawn and garden and be completely safe for you, your children, pets, and the environment.

We are here 24/7 to answer your calls and offer you free estimates, landscaping consultation, and designs. We always answer and we always show up on time. Our landscaping New Smyrna Beach, FL projects are meant to add beauty and health to your property, so all you need to do is put us to the test to get a “Leafy signature” sustainable landscape right now!