Children Friendly Landscaping Deland, FL Services, and Projects at an Email’s Distance!

Landscaping Deland FLDeland is a great place to settle down, raise children and enjoy the great Florida climate while sipping some ice tea on your porch. Many local residents invested not only in fully functional and gorgeous landscapes for adults but designed and redesigned parts of their properties so they can be suitable for children. After all, what greater joy for a parent than seeing the little ones playing and running around with their friends and pets outside, blessed by fresh air, warm sun, and dedicated playgrounds? If you want to make your property more children friendly, our landscaping Deland, FL experts are here to share some of their secrets with you.

What Can Our Landscaping Deland, FL Company Do to Turn Your Property in a Friendlier Space for Kids?

Our specialists have been servicing the area for about ten years and they understand that kids are sometimes the main beneficiaries of a healthy and thriving lawn and landscape. Of course, adults have their decks, patios and barbecue areas, even some garden living rooms or kitchens, but the kids are the ones needing as much space as possible and as many landscaping special elements you can offer. Our landscaping Deland, FL experts can provide you with:

  • All turf playgrounds built with resilient and strong turf for your children to play on together with their friends and pets. A well-designed patch of turf can be further upgraded by turning it into a sports field (tennis, badminton, soccer) or by adding child-friendly and safe swings for instance.
  • Fire pits and fire areas, completely safe for children to gather around with their friends, preserving a high level of intimacy but never being out of your sight.
  • Tree groups to offer them a shaded sanctuary to play in, feeling like in a true forest, enabling their imagination and symbolic play.
  • Covered and shaded decks and patios where they can spread all their toys, invite friends for play or homework, rest, read and spend quality time with you, sunbathe and so on.
  • Flower and even vegetable gardens for the little ones with a passion for everything green and growing, to elicit their scientific curiosity and cultivate passion and responsibility for nature and green living.

Why Should You Choose Us to Build You a Children Friendly Landscape?

More than building dedicated spaces for kids, we also employ safe lawn and landscaping maintenance activities. We know children love to get messy and roam around freely, so our weed treatment plans, our fertilization programs, and our debris clean up and removal tasks are all employed having children’s and pets’ safety and health in mind.

We work only with screened employees and certified professionals and we offer several warranty policies, depending on the projects you want us to implement. We have the best reputation in the state, offer integrated services (landscaping design, consultation, and year-long maintenance) and we practice tailored pricing plans. Give us a call today, have us come down for an overall assessment, ask for a free estimate and turn your property into a safe and fun haven for kids!