Amazing Landscaping Daytona Beach, FL Contemporary Projects Implemented by Professional Designers

Landscaping Daytona Beach FLIn our modern and hi-tech world, landscape architecture, as an art and a science, follows closely building architecture. Both of them went beyond classic lines and concepts, sporting more innovative, unusual, out-of-the-box and postmodern features. They translate into new models, new materials and new designs which sometimes look futuristic and surreal. Our landscaping Daytona Beach, FL architects understand all too well the homeowners’ desire to be ahead of their times and enjoy lush and thriving properties which rely on more than just white picket fences and green turf front yards.

The contemporary landscaping ideas revolve around straight lines and geometrical shapes in neat, perfect and clean edges, mixing vegetation with a wide array of materials and textures, be them metal, glass, stone, marble, and wood. Modern designs share a few common traits: easy maintenance, full functionality, and perfectly chosen elements to blend in an overall breathtaking landscape.

How Can We Help You Make Your Dreams Come True?

If you were looking for a reliable landscaping Daytona Beach, FL contractor with years of experience in contemporary and postmodern landscape architecture, then look no further! No matter the property size, we work with the best landscape artists in the state and are able to offer you a breathtaking design at the highest standards.

We first come down to your property and make an assessment, measuring, noting down all details and gathering all your ideas, wishes and plans. We will then mix your ideas with our landscape artists’ vision and come back to you with a full design concept to agree upon together. If you want us to build you a contemporary landscape which is gorgeous, fully functional and unique, this is what we can do for you:

  • Hardscapes: concrete pavers, retaining walls, pathways and driveways, decks, patios, terraces and stairs in cobblestone, curbstone, bricks, wood and other stone installations.
  • Vertical gardens and container gardens to add the exact amount of exotic plants and local vegetation to spice up the looks of your front lawn or back yard.
  • Fire pits in stone or metal for a more contemporary feel in any shape you can imagine, either above ground or in-ground.
  • We can add trees, patches of turf, fences, shrubs, hedges and flowers to create a lush green environment.
  • Lighting installations: garden lamps or hi-tech LED lighting can turn any type of contemporary architecture into a gorgeous and functional patch of paradise.

Why Should You Work with Our Landscaping Daytona Beach, FL Architects?

Our company has some of the highest ratings in the state and a strong reputation. We treat each property as if it was our own and we work only with licensed professionals and screened workers. We have transparent and affordable pricing plans, we offer integrated services, including year-long landscape management services and we offer several types of workmanship and planted vegetation warranties.

All you have to do is give us a call and ask for a free estimate, sharing your landscape vision with us. Our landscaping Daytona Beach, FL specialists will not rest until they build you a property worthy of Oscar awards for Best Image and Best Special Effects!